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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Alternative Break

Once Upon A Time In Appalachia

Want to do service and enjoy the beauty of Appalachia this summer? Alternative Break Coordinators at IUPUI are organizing a Summer Alternative Breaks trip.
Applications will be sent out soon.

 When is this trip? June 21-25, 2012

 Where will we be going? Once Upon A Time in Appalachia
                                               4100 Timber Wood Rd.
                                                Maryville, TN 37801

What will we be doing? 
Volunteers will be housed in the Once Upon A Time facilities and get a chance to help in all the focus areas of this organization: Cherokee Indians, the environment and rural Appalachian mountain farm life. On Friday the group will do trail work in the Cherokee National Forest with the rangers and local volunteers. On Saturday volunteers will attend the festival at Sequoyah Museum to commemorate an important date in Cherokee history. Sunday there will be homesteading projects – working in the garden, splitting firewood, making blackberry jam, etc.
Is there more information?Volunteers can find more information about Once Upon A Time in Appalachia online.
To visit the facebook page! Click Here!
To visit their website. Click Here!

Who do you contact?
Taylor Pennell, Summer Breaks Coordinator

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