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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bittersweet Day

Bittersweet Service Day was Friday, April 20.  One of our groups served at Indy Urban Acres, located east of 21st Street and Shadeland Avenue.  This was the same service site visited on César Chavez Day of Service.

Ben Spandau and Katy Frantz led the group in filling 24 raised beds with dirt.  They also beautified the
garden area by mulching around the raised beds.  The four hours of work was tiring.  Everyone had aching limbs from shoveling and wheelbarrowing the dirt and mulch.

The garden will provide fresh produce to food banks around Indianapolis so that produce can be picked in the morning and served on a plate in the evening.

For more pictures from other sites visit Volunteer at IUPUI on facebook.

Work at Indy Urban Acres

Raised Beds getting set up at Indy Urban Acres.  
Faithful volunteers tearing stickers off of the raised beds.  
Taking off stickers was harder than it looked

Volunteers shoveling dirt into the raised beds.

The group with the finished product

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