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If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~ Mother Teresa

Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Last month we celebrated National Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Tables were set up with Kindness Challenge Cards. We designed and printed entire decks of cards with ideas for being kind. Each suit represented a different category and the challenges grew progressively harder to do as the rank of the card increased. A few examples are listed below:

Clubs: People you know
2 – Send a compliment someone’s way
A – Call a mentor to say thank you

Hearts:  For those Unknown
2 – Smile and say hello to a passing stranger
A – Sign up for the bone marrow registry (more information at www.marrow.org)

Spades: For our Community & World
2 – Pick up a piece of trash on the ground and throw it away
A - Start a piggy bank for a cause that’s important to you and donate it to them once it is full

Diamonds: For yourself
2 – Be spontaneous for the day
A – Stop negative self-talk: “I’m not good enough, too fat, not qualified, etc.”

We also did a Flash Mob of Kindness

We gave a bouquet of flowers to three random people.
We gave one flower at a time, until they had a full bouquet.

Here are the marvelous volunteers for the Flash Mob of Kindness

One recipient of the bouquet of flowers gave us a great reaction.

We will be posting videos of our Flash Mob of Kindness later. Keep a look out for it. 

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