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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leaders in Service: Ben Spandau

We had a Q&A session with one of the service leaders at IUPUI.  Ben Spandau, along with two other leaders researched and presented on the issue of domestic violence.

Ben Spandau

Q: What made you three decide to cover domestic violence?
A: We really decided which issue to cover by choosing which month worked best with each of us and were assigned an issue.  The choice was really not much of a story but I have taken this opportunity to learn more about the social issue of Domestic Violence.  

Q: What organization are you serving at that helps those suffering from domestic violence?
A: I worked with the Salvation Army's Shelter for victims of domestic violence.  We helped paint, clean, and build storage shelving for their children's play room.

This service helps the children who have been affected by domestic violence to have somewhere safe and clean that they can play and receive educational life lessons.  This allows the family to either seek therapy for their issues or time for the mother to find ways of keeping her and her children safe and self-sufficient.

We all had a lot of fun and learned a lot about how the Salvation Army helps those who have experienced domestic violence.  I encourage everyone to volunteer at the Salvation Army shelter to further their knowledge to this important social issue.

Q: What can you do, as an individual, to help with this issue?
A: The first thing that you can do is to educate yourself on the social issue of domestic violence.  Knowledge is power when it comes to this issue.  Most people who are in an abusive relationship and experience domestic violence do not accept or see that they are.  Others are unable to escape the abusive relationship that they are in.  

Being knowledgeable of the issue allows you to identify the action or symptoms and effectively guide those in need.  The other thing that I would encourage someone to do to get involved is to volunteer at local domestic violence shelters such as the Salvation Army or Julian Center.  They are always in need of volunteers doing anything from painting a wall to playing with kids or even just stuffing envelopes.

Just remember, no matter how small or insignificant your service may feel like, you are changing someone's life.

Q: Any other comments or experiences you want to share about this issue?
A: I understand that finding the bright side to this issue is a hard thing to find.  Domestic violence is a very hard issue to take in because it is very depressing and hard to see.  We must take it head on though or it will continue in greater proportions.  

No matter how hard something is, we must strive to make this world better for everyone who is in need of our help.  Our luxury is our ability to help others to attain those inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

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