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Monday, October 10, 2011

From the Sam Jones Family: FSS

Freshman Service Scholars 2011

In the Sam Jones Program incoming freshman, known as Freshman Service Scholars (FSS), volunteer 2 hours a week at George Washington Community High School. It's an Indianapolis school just west of campus on Washington street. 

The FSS are tutors and a mentors to these kids as they help them with homework and interact with the students in activities and games. There have been many things the FSS have enjoyed about the experience, but there are also some challenges to overcome. 

What have they enjoyed the most about volunteering at George Washington?

"I love being someone to look up to."
- Jordan Morse, Elementary Education

"Helping the students and seeing them succeed."
- Sukhjeet Gill, Business Management

"The thing I enjoyed most was
interacting with the kids and getting to know them." 
- Brandon Coots, Exercise Science 

"Helping the kids with homework." 
- Whitney Eldridge, Nursing

"I really feel satisfied when I see
the difference my presence makes.
(i.e. when I'm able to help them complete 
a H.W. assignment they're having difficulty with." 
- Kimberly, Biology

"I really like spending club time with the kids.  
It's fun to play board games and 
just talk and get to know them. 
I can't wait to build relationships this coming year!" 
- Skye Leasure, Art Education

"I enjoyed spending time and meeting the kids. 
The best part is seeing the "Aha" moment on their face 
when they understand their homework." 
- Aaron Henson, Accounting

"It's been great being able to work with kids
who I can say are very much like I was
when I was in middle school and high school."
- Christele Igega, Nursing

Freshman Service Scholars

What has been a challenge at George Washington?

"Getting the students to do their 
homework and getting them to focus."
- Sukhjeet Gill, Business Management

"the hardest part was initially breaking the ice with the kids."
- Aaron Henson, Accounting

"Getting the kids to open up."
- Whitney Eldridge, Nursing

"I haven't experienced any major challenges yet."
-Brandon Coots, Exercise Science

"Getting the kids to actually focus on the tasks at hand.
It takes creativity!"
- Christele Igega

"Getting the kids to ask for help,
rather than having to approach them.  
Also, getting the kids to stay focused; 
they have short attention-spans 
and get easily distracted."
-Kimberly, Biology

"During homework-help time it was difficult 
a few times to get the children to focus. 
I've had to threaten separating them from their friends,
and that has worked.  
In the future,
hopefully I don't have to seek
further help in keeping them focused."
- Skye Leasure, Art Education 

"Finding ways to be helpful. 
Most of the students don't do their homework, 
or don't have any. 
So I wander.
- Thomesine Watts, Anthropology

"i have a student with major disciplinary problems.  
It's a challenge for me to try and explain to him that 
getting in trouble is not good, without trying
to be just another authoritative figure."
- Jordan Morse, Elementary Education

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