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Monday, October 3, 2011

Be Aware This Month...Of What?

I was sitting in my office chair when the brilliant idea hit me. 
 I should let you know what social issues - large or small - you could be aware of this month.  When I did a google search I was hit with an overwhelming number of things we are supposed to be aware of in the month of October.
I can't even begin to list all the causes for the month of October - there's way too many - but I've listed some that made me laugh and caught my interest.

Disability Awareness Month, Nat'l
Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month
Sarcastic Awareness Month, Nat'l
Bake and Decorate Month
Stamp Collection Month, Nat'l
Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nat'l
Dyslexia Awareness Month

There are plenty more causes this month. If you are involved with any this month let us know. 
Check out other issues online

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