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Monday, February 20, 2012

Too Much Service?

I discovered an article written by Julia Moffitt of WTHR News in Indianapolis. Thank you to all of those who volunteered at the 2012 Super Bowl. Many IUPUI students were involved in the effort.
See the article written in early November 2011:

Courtesy of Volunteer Kristyn Siebert.
An inside peek at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Indianapolis - The Indianapolis 2012 Super Bowl committee has a problem - too many volunteers. With 276 days until Super Bowl 46, organizers say that they already have their 8,000 volunteers and an addition 5,000 on the waiting list. For those who didn't sign up soon enough, there are still ways to volunteer as early as this weekend.
Nate Robinson is one of the thousands of volunteers helping the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee. Right now, he is working as a receptionist inside the main office.
A few of our people from the IUPUI Office of Community Service:
Jessica Jackson, Ashley Winfield, Brandon Amos and Patty Mathison
"It's fun seeing people come in and prepare for meetings," Robinson said. "you can even feel the energy inside the building even though it's contained right here, it's going to be fun."
When it comes to volunteers, Indiana has never had a problem.
"Oh, it's been very easy, very easy" said Sheila Bradley, the director of volunteer services for the Super Bowl Committee.
Bradley, who is in charge of recruiting and training, knows better than anybody. She says that even though more than 5,000 volunteers are on a waiting list, and most likely will never be needed, she gets calls and emails daily with requests. Her biggest advice to these people is to get involved with other areas of volunteerism in the city.
Hundreds of volunteers get together each weekend in parts of the city as part of the Super Bowl Legacy Project, planting trees, scrapping paint and pulling weeds.

The wonderful Patty Mathison downtown
during one of her many volunteer shifts
"Indianapolis is a great city and we want to make a great impression to the rest of the world to see," said volunteer, Crystal Babb.
Bruce Flanagan is another person volunteering now. He isn't necessarily getting his hands dirty but he knows the work he is doing behind the scenes, writing, filing and cataloging pictures, is just as important.
"I'd like to volunteer on a regular basis because most of the work is done before the final week and that's when the fun is," Flanagan said.

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