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If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~ Mother Teresa

Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet the Office of Community Service: Ashley Winfield

Name: Whitney Zapien

Year in College: Senior

Major: Nursing

CSL Office Postion: Alternative Breaks Co-Coordinator

Description: Plan and lead alternative breaks, promost and assist ABS on campus, coordinate multiple ASB trips.

Favorite Community Service Project: Alternative Spring Break!

Why? You get to learn about the social issues and meet great people all while seeing the US and doing service! :)

Name: Andrew (Drew) Neibert

Year in College: Senior

Major: Business Management

CSL Office Position: MLK Day Coordinator

Description: Jan 17- over 500 participants helping build their community

Favorite Community Service Project: Day of Caring with Freshman Service Scholars (2009)

Why? I was their mentor that year and it let me spend time with them and see their personal dive and personalities individually.

Name: Riley Fore

Year in College: Junior

Major: Secondary Education

OCS Position: Freshman Service Mentor

Description: Mentor 14 incoming freshman on the processes of service learning

Favorite Community Service Project: Cesar Chavez Day of Service

Why?: "We set up a community fair and confucted service throughout the day. The community members enjoyed the activities and they were excited to see us helping their community."

Name: Colleen Games

Year in College: Junior

Major: Forensic Science & Chemistry

OCS Position: Volunteer Liaison

Description: Connect IUPUI Students & Staff to meaningful service

Favorite Community Service Project: All of them! (MLK day of Service and Cesar Chavez Day of Service are my top 2)

Why?: "I like seeing the high #s of volunteers who come out for the MLK Day and I think they are both people who deservce a day of service in their honor!"

Name: Ashley Winfield

Year in College: Junior

Major: Biology

OCS Position: Multicultural Outreach & Student Organization Liaison

Favorite Community Service Project: Global Youth Service Day

Why? : "I enjoy working with kids and seeing the lightbulb of service begin to shine in them!"

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