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Monday, March 2, 2009

2nd Annual Cesar Chavez Day of Service!

"Who is Cesar Chavez, and why is he inspiring all these people to volunteer?" Well, come find out during the Cesar Chavez Day of Service!
You don’t need to conduct a 36-day fast to follow in the footsteps of “one of the greatest American civil rights leaders.” Instead, you could just join us for a FREE educational breakfast, which will kick off our Day of Service as we further his cause.

For this event, IUPUI students and members of the Indianapolis community will participate in educational events and service projects to raise awareness about Cesar Chavez and his life mission. Come learn why history ranks this migrant farm worker’s impact alongside those of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr!

You’ll even get a FREE T-SHIRT!
Cesar Chavez Day of Service:
Friday, April 3, 2009
Registration is literally "first come, first serve," so sign up at http://life.iupui.edu/ccl/volunteer/cesar.html today!

See an interactive timeline of his life here: http://www.chavezfoundation.org/timeline/.

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