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If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~ Mother Teresa

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

News Worthy: A New Movement in Poverty

What is the perspective that middle-class urbanites should have toward helping inner-city poor?

Check out an article from the IndyStar.

Tim Streett

Tim Streett is a man with a vision. His vision, though, is not a quick fix plan that will putter out in a few years. It's going to require a dedication not only to reaching out to the poor.

It's going to require people to enter the community to learn about these people and build relationships - lasting relationships. It will take giving up preconceived ideas and understanding the cultural reasons behind poverty-stricken people's actions.

Can this man come teach his six-week course, "Poverty 101," at IUPUI?
I think I would take it.

Read this article, and let me know your thoughts either through comments or an e-mail to our Office.

Pictures used from IndyStar and Poverty 101 logo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Care to Volunteer?

Whoever enjoys getting up early in the morning raise your hand!
Anyone? Am I the only one raising my hand right now?

Perhaps rolling out of bed on a Friday morning wasn't the motivation for students in volunteering at IUPUI's Day of Caring. It was impressive to see that they were still willing to come, join in the action, and volunteer.

A couple of students gave us their reasons for doing community service on IUPUI's Day of Caring.
Let us know your reasons for serving in the community! We'd love to hear your story!

Check out the Twitter posts from Day of Caring @ IUPUIOCS

Ashley's First Day of Caring

A Philanthropy Major's Reasons for Serving

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New School Year...

...always brings...
...A fresh start.

Check us out in the future.

We'll be posting stories on all you volunteers.
Telling you more about us - Your Office of Community Service.
Taking time to delve in deep and seek out the truth on social issues and news stories.
Getting up close and personal with community partners.

Feel free to share any fresh ideas you may have for us as we begin this new school year!

We are your,

IUPUI Office of Community Service
Contact: Katy Frantz
Email: commserv@iupui.edu